Autumn-Flavored Japanese Donuts That You’ll Fall In Love With

Autumn-Flavored Japanese Donuts That You'll Fall In Love With

As we roll out of the steamy summer and into more snuggly months of October and November, we’re graced with a bevy of seasonal autumn flavors. Maple, chestnut, sweet potato, and yes of course pumpkin. Autumn means fresh selections based on the earthy goodness of the season’s produce.

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While places like Starbucks have been celebrating autumn with limited edition brews for a while now, it looks like the city’s donut makers are getting in on the action as well. Enter autumn donuts, the season-specific food trend you didn’t know you needed until now. We trudged across the city to hunt down the best of this year’s autumn donuts. Yeah, it’s a tough gig, but someone has to do it. Enjoy!

Mister Donut

If there were a leaderboard for Japan’s autumn donut race, Mister Donut would, without a doubt, come out on top. This year the chain released a whole family of autumn-flavored donuts. The release is proving so popular that when I went hunting for some on a quiet Tuesday afternoon at their outpost in Kichijoji, there was a line of at least 20 people deep. So what do they have to offer? Five fresh flavors in total, one for every variety of sweet tooth. Here’s what the line up looks like:

Mister Donut Plain Sweet Potato Doughnut

Plain Sweet Potato Donut: This donut is simple, but deliciously so. Its flavor sweet potato is an autumn favorite molded in the iconic Mister Donut Pon de Ring shape (all of the autumn donuts are). It’s slightly sweet, soft, and chewy and perfect for that morning treat, with a little less guilt. …continue reading