A Gourmet Guide to Yokohama West Gate

Source: Gaijin Pot
A sushi chef presenting a sushi plate as part of the Yokohama West Gate Restaurant map and guide

The best way to get a feel for the true spirit of a city is through its food.

In Japan’s second-largest city of Yokohama, the nerve center for hungry visitors is the West Gate area—just outside Yokohama Station’s west exit.

Yokohama is Tokyo’s smarter younger sister.

The area is alive with quaint restaurants and bustling bars being the arteries that pump flowing sake through its veins. Since Yokohama will host the upcoming 2019 Rugby World Cup final match, knowing where to grab a bite to eat and a swig of beer are more important than ever.

Yokohama Station’s West Exit.

The West Gate area has everything from department stores chock full of chic eateries, to rustic hole-in-the-wall bars, to tiny shops pouring out Yokohama’s own unique style of ramen.

Yokohama is super accessible from central Tokyo, only a 30-minute train ride away. Hop on and let’s check out some of the tastiest gourmet opportunities the city is serving up.


Join us.

Hook a quick left after exiting through Yokohama Station’s West Exit to the underground tunnel of wonders that is JOYNUS. This basement shopping area is full of places for you to eat, shop, rest, and repeat.

Slurp on citrus noodles at Afuri

Afuri’s fragrant yuzu (Japanese citrus fruit) broth adds a delightful twang to the classic Japanese recipe. The lighter soup and thinner noodles mean Afuri’s ramen menu is great for any health-conscious travelers out there.

Their menu is available in English, making the shop completely accessible to non-Japanese speakers, too.

Afuri’s ramen smells sooo good!

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