Shinjuku Gyoen: The Garden Lover’s Guide

Source: Tokyo Cheapo

Beneath the skyscrapers and behind the alleys, Shinjuku has a stunning park with traditional gardens, a tea house and some of that precious fresh air.
Offering a green refuge since the Edo-period, Shinjuku Gyoen has been the perfect place to escape the city rush for many a generation of Tokyoites (imperial or otherwise). Only 10-minutes from Shinjuku Station, it has English and French gardens, a traditional Japanese garden and plenty of wide, open green spaces to enjoy. During spring, over 1,000 cherry trees bloom and the park is a popular spot for hanami, while the greenhouse offers a warmer refuge in the colder months. If you’re looking to stroll, picnic or read a book then head on over to the city’s favorite park.
The park

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