Tutorial: Frankenstein (or Hulk) Spam Musubis

It’s fall break for my three kids, so that’s why I’ve stopped making lunches this week. To try to keep Mr. D occupied, I came up with a “cooking activity” for him to help me with yesterday, and it was an idea I’d been toying around with since Sunday: Frankenstein spam musubis.

My longtime readers will probably remember that I am a huge fan of themed spam musubis, having done LOST ones, Fourth of July ones, and University of Hawaii ones. Clearly I’m not over that!

I started by cooking a batch of green rice, using cake gel instead of food coloring, since in the past I’ve found that mostly results in pretty light-colored rice.

Vital tools needed for this include sharp kitchen scissors, a spam musubi maker, and a good nori punch. This Chuboos one is the one I used, and I’m a huge fan of it because it’s sharp and has a really cute and useful assortment of facial features.

I started by cutting strips of nori. About two of the lined rows on the nori sheet were a good width. I then stacked it up and cut jagged edges on both sides for Frankie’s hair. Make sure the edges are flush when you cut either side, otherwise you’ll end up with flat hair spikes.

I used the double maker for this one so that it would go a bit faster, lining up two strips so they were evenly spaced, then I layered (see LOST musubi post linked above on how to layer) the musubi on top, covering the spiky hair parts. I then folded the strips over and sealed them with water.

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