Happy World Mental Health Day

I hope you are being kind to yourselves and each other. Here’s a video I found that says it all for me.

Please don’t let your failings define you.

I also want to remind everyone that even though there are mental health resources out there for help, those with mental health issues find it hard to accept help even if stigma isn’t a problem. Or even worse, the help they tried to get passed them by. So please be the ones to provide help if they’re not able to. Don’t give up on your loved ones.

After finding out that 4 homeless people got killed by another homeless person who really needed psychological help in my home area, I know enjoying hobbies like reading manga isn’t enough to get over bad thoughts. Escapism is a great thing sometimes and sadly not a cure. I’m also grateful that I’m not homeless or else my poor mental health at times would have deteriorated further.

In any case, I’m grateful for starting this blog. I never thought I was able to write random stuff for 9+ years. This blog has done wonders for my mental health. I hope it’s done the same for you all.

Have a good one!

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