How To Get a Job Using Japanese

This article will be a start-to-finish guide on getting a job in Japan using your Japanese skills, from initial contemplation to the first few weeks in the office.

Japan in the last few years been gradually opening up to foreign workers. According to the Fujitsu research institute, the Japanese labour force is emptying which has been catalysing these changes towards policies about foreigners working and settling in the country. Doing a job in a foreign language is a very challenging and often rewarding endeavour which would also give you sick props back at home. Additionally, it gives you the superpower in that when someone asks if you’re a teacher, you can look at them square in the face and say, “no, I work for a Japanese company that heads up *something impressive(!)”; the first few times saying that do feel good.

Having the 人文知識・国際業務ビザ(Specialist in Humanities/International Services) visa would be beneficial. If you are on the Educator visa through a public school job, that can be changed relatively smoothly once you have received a letter from your next employer.

So, what kind of jobs are available?

To get the ball rolling, have a look below at the kind of jobs that are very popular with the Japanese speaking foreign community in Japan.


High-pace, high-pressure role based on KPI’s. Due to the industry’s high turn-over of staff, there is always a position for people looking to break from the English teaching cycle. Depending on the company, your responsibilities will include tasks such as: headhunting, sourcing candidates, CV building advise, cold calling, calling clients to advertise services, and convincing candidates to take positions from your clients. Recruiting is ultimately a sales job and can be very mentally and physically taxing on individuals who do not have the right mindset. However, the enumeration …continue reading