Top 5 Kinshicho Ramen Shops (near Tokyo Sky Tree)


Here are 5 Kinshicho ramen shops you need to visit – from rich oyster ramen to vegetable heavy tanmen. They’re super close to the station (and near Tokyo Sky Tree)!

#1 Mengyo (真鯛らーめん 麺魚)

Kinshicho ramen is synonymous with Mengyo. The geniuses at this ramen shop have crafted a delightfully modern bowl that showcases red sea bream (aka red snapper).

Red Snapper Ramen with Egg: ¥990

Choose light or rich broth. Even the light broth has a wonderfully deep red snapper flavor, assisted by chicken bones. Topping highlights include ultra thin slices of slow-cooked pork, yuzu citrus, and bits of broiled red snapper that provide a smoky flavor when pulled up with the noodles.

Sea Bream Bits with the Noodles

Ask for yuzu kosho (my personal favorite) or raw ginger at the end to add to the broth. All in all, this an unforgettable bowl.

Shop Hours: 11 am ~ 9 pm (Every day)

#2 Ramen Ichizu (らーめん一途)

Ramen Ichizu has a soy sauce + chicken ramen that’s modest but still satisfying. They’re best known for adding sweet and mild seabura (pork back fat) to the top of the bowl. You can customize how much seabura you want (pictured is “quite a lot”).

Ramen+Egg (High Seabura Level): ¥920

The seabura is super smooth when it glides across everything. …continue reading