Sake Diary – Rito Kitchen: Mitsukoshimae


A combination antenna shop and cafe-restaurant, Rito Kitchen sell goods and serves food from remote Japanese islands – the kind of places you travel to by boat rather than car or airplane. The shop’s cafe is headquarters for the “Idea Kitchen Project,” which holds food events with various themes and formats.

Currently they are offering dinnertime buffets featuring traditional foods, sake and shochu from the islands. Dinner is priced at Y5000 for all you can eat and drink (with a 90-minute time limit), or Y1600 for 30 minutes of a “standing buffet” with open bar.

The food here is well prepared but the selection is fairly small. Some highlights included the extremely crisp rayu-fried karaage and some nice stewed daikon, snow peas and other vegetables. There are also salad fixings, vegetable side dishes, curry rice, miso soup, a dessert bar and several other dishes.

Frankly the food menu seems a bit too limited to justify the full-dinner price, but for a thirty-minute buffet it’s just about right. You can fill up a few plates of light snacks to nibble on while you try out several different shochu or sake until you find a favorite. There are more than a dozen sake to try, and several dozen shochu from various islands. They even provide shochu cocktail recipes for you to experiment with. …continue reading