Kawasaki Ramen: Nostalgia at Futokoroya

Source: 5amramen.com
Kawasaki Ramen Futokoroya - Noren

Among Kawasaki ramen shops, Futokoroya (麺処 懐や) is indisputably ranked no. 1. Their nostalgic bowls of shoyu and shio ramen are handled with the utmost care.

Take Your Pick – Shoyu or Shio

You’ve got 2 ramen choices – shoyu or shio. Their shoyu broth in many ways is similar to that familiar Tokyo style of shoyu. But this one is far more tangy and salty.

Kawasaki Ramen Futokoroya - Shoyu
Shoyu Ramen, all toppings + 1 extra egg: ¥950

Next to the shoyu, chicken oil gives extra umami to the broth. There’s surprisingly little fish flavor.

Kawasaki Ramen Futokoroya - Shio
Shio Ramen, all toppings: ¥850

The shio ramen broth is even more salty than the shoyu. But this works and the saltiness isn’t overwhelming.

For toppings, they grill ham-like slices of pork chashu. The menma are small and extra crunchy. The egg is a standout too.

Thin noodles in the Shio

Besides shoyu or shio, choose flat / wavy or thin / straight noodles. Both are top-level.

Cozy, Nostalgic Shop

The interior of Futokoroya brings me back to childhood. Everything is simple – from the typical …continue reading