Get a Nicer, Cheaper and More Social Apartment in Japan

crowded shibuya living in japan

Getting an apartment in Tokyo can be really expensive, but there are new options that can be cheaper and much more exciting.

You’ve begun your research on finding an apartment in Japan and have scrolled through thousands of pages of real estate websites. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Moving to a new place in Japan can be a massive hassle, with ridiculous moving in costs and the possibility of being rejected just for being foreign (though this usually isn’t as much of a problem if you speak Japanese). Fortunately, there are easier options than that 20 square meter 1K that you are eyeing two stops away from Shibuya.

Another Option: Social Apartments in Japan.

The rise of Social Apartments is the direct result of the high cost of renting your own place, and the loneliness some people experience in the big cities. According to some articles, Japan is considered one of those most lonely countries in the world. Different companies such as Social Apartment and Oakhouse have seen the problem and are trying to address the issue. With more than 30 locations throughout the 23 wards of Tokyo and beyond, these companies are creating great environments for locals, and expats alike.

If you take a look at some of the photos of these places, you might expect it to be more expensive than a tiny 1K, right? Actually in some areas of Tokyo you can get into a social apartment for much less than getting even a small place (with no kitchen). You are going to have to pay extra to live around the Yamanote Line, no way around that, but some social apartments and share houses get you closer to the city (where the real fun of Tokyo is) and when you calculate the cheaper move in costs …continue reading