Shopping Diary – Miyagi Furusato Plaza: Ikebukuro


A wide selection of Miyagi-ken sake – some fifty or sixty varieties – is one of the main attractions of this Miyagi-ken prefectural antenna shop. You’ll also find Sendai beef and beef tongue products, fresh fish and seafood in season, cheese and dairy products, and a couple of rice varieties called Hitomebori and Sasanishiki. Soft ice cream can be purchased from a dedicated window in front of the shop.

Popular packaged foods include pouches of tongue curry and tongue stew, canned mackerel and other fish, and various sembei crackers and sweets. Kokeshi dolls and Ogatsusuzuri inkstones are typical of the regional handicrafts on sale. Upstairs on the second floor is an all-day cafe-style restaurant called Date no Gyutan that specializes in beef tongue dishes, and next to it is a tourist-information counter. …continue reading