Toyosu Fish Market: Everything You Need to Know

Source: Tokyo Cheapo

Aerial view of the new Toyosu Fish Market.
You’ve probably heard that the iconic Tsukiji Fish Market closed to the public to reopen as Toyosu Fish Market. Here are the top tidbits regarding the relocation of this historic landmark in Tokyo, and a full guide to the new market.
When one market closes, another opens only slightly farther east …
… you know that old saying.
First, Tsukiji Fish Market was slated to close its doors in November, 2016. Then the move got pushed back. And back. And back some more. But the relocation happened at last, with the inner market officially re-opening at the Toyosu waterfront district on October 11, 2018. Over 600 merchants made the move. Important note: Tsukiji’s outer market, which

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