Neiroya: Hip, Fusion Ramen in Ogikubo

Ramen in Ogikubo - Lemon Ramen

Ramen in Ogikubo normally involves sticking to tradition. But Neiroya (ねいろ屋) is all about bold new flavors, from lemon ramen to ginger miso ramen.

Refreshing Lemon Ramen

Neiroya uses high-quality ingredients from Setouchi (the Seto Inland Sea). Their Lemon Ramen features 3 lemon slices, using lemon from this area. The soup naturally has an acidic zip. But it’s not overpoweringly sour.

Setouchi Lemon Ramen: ¥1,000

The transparent shio salt seasoning works well and any of that lemon sourness is nicely offset with black pepper. Using chicken chashu instead of pork chashu is a wise decision. Thin, straight noodles here.

Ginger Miso Ramen

This dish uses a mild tasting Shinshu miso and aromatic ginger from Kouchi prefecture. The ginger and miso compete for your attention equally, but both come out strong.

Ramen in Ogikubo - Miso Ramen
Ginger Miso Ramen: ¥1,100

This is not your typically heavy miso ramen soup. It’s closer to a light white miso soup infused with ginger. In addition, there’s a touch of yuzu citrus peel, adding more sweetness.

The only heavier element is fatty braised pork belly. Just like the lemon ramen, no chemical additives are used in the ginger miso ramen. It’s guilt free. Lastly, the noodles are rightfully thicker.

A Cafe like Ramen Restaurant

Neiroya feels more like a cafe frequented by musicians than a ramen restaurant. …continue reading