Encounter the unexpected in Kyushu


We caught up with Aussie adventurers, Emilie and Jason, after their 7 day trip to Kyushu. Here’s what they had to say about taking a path less travelled through Japan’s southern island.

What makes Kyushu unlike the rest of Japan?

Having been to Japan a few times already, we were excited to visit a lesser known part of the country. Spending just under a week in one region was ideal as we were able to explore many different places and cover a really large distance travelling from the very bottom of the island right up to the north.

If you’re curious and a somewhat experienced traveller, Kyushu is definitely for you. You can discover and immerse yourself in unique culture, learning more about the history and way of life while experiencing its natural wonders.

“We quickly realised how incredibly diverse this area of Japan is. From the active volcanoes, lush ancient forests and semi tropical coastlines, there are so many places here we never knew existed.”

Each part of the region we explored had its own specialty and uniqueness. In comparison to the rest of the country, Kyushu felt much more relaxed and easy going with beautiful countryside and hidden pockets of surprising natural features. We were met with so many of the hidden gems throughout the region.

“Some of the places we stumbled upon especially on Yakushima Island felt like a hidden paradise not of this world.”

There are some opportunities to really go off the beaten path and explore nature with some extensive hikes throughout Yakushima’s ancient forests which is something that we haven’t seen in the other well known parts of Japan. The coastlines and waterfalls we experienced were a lot more subtropical and felt otherworldly to Japan, with some of the forest locations even …continue reading