How to Write a Japanese Resume

Source: Gaijin Pot
How to write a Japanese resume

Japan takes a very different approach to resume writing than what we might be used to back home. There are two major hiring seasons in Japan in the early spring and the late summer, but it is never too early to start working on your resume.

When creating a Japanese resume, most companies prefer resumes to be handwritten. If you feel your kanji skills are not up to scratch, there are websites that allow you to enter your information and have it printed and emailed. You can actually buy blank resume forms at convenience stores for about ¥20 a piece. Or download a template from the internet — just google 履歴書 “Rirekisho.”

GaijinPot’s Jobs and Employment page in our Japan 101 guide to surviving and thriving in Japan is also a great resource (if we do say so ourselves!) to check out if you’re putting together a Japanese resume.

1. Attach a professional photo to your resume

The general rule of thumb when taking a photo for your resume is think of a passport photo. The more professional and presentable you look in the photo, the greater your chances are of being called in for an interview. The photo should be glued to the top right corner (4) of the resume.

How to write a Japaense resume

Men typically wear a dark suit with a conservative tie. There are plenty of photo booths, not unlike the popular purikura, that specialize in taking photos just the right size for resumes and passports. It is even able to remove redness and any blemishes on your skin from the photo without having you do anything extra.

The booths can be found on the streets of business districts or at most major train and …continue reading