Miyazaki Ramen: Four Fabulous Ramen Shops

Source: 5amramen.com

Miyazaki Ramen. While tasty tonkotsu is most common, the ramen in Miyazaki is surprisingly varied. From garlicky red hot ramen to lighter tonkotsu, here are four must visit ramen shops in Miyazaki City.

#1 Eiyouken (栄養軒)

Ramen shops ending with “ken” tend to have a long history. Eiyouken is no different. They’ve been dishing out delicious tonkotsu ramen since 1964. It’s closest to what a Miyazaki tonkotsu ramen looks like.

Miyazaki Ramen - Eiyouken
Ramen: ¥650

The broth utilizes charred pork lard. It’s therefore buttery, but with a slight fish and usui soy sauce aftertaste. It’s not as heavy as Fukuoka or Kurume tonkotsu ramen.

Also unlike Fukuoka tonkotsu, the noodles are thicker. Furthermore, little bean sprouts work well for crunch and don’t dilute the broth like bigger bean sprouts do.

This part of the country likes their food sweet. The sweet-flavored chashu pork slices are fittingly like a fatty dessert.

Shop Hours: 11 am ~ 3 pm / 5 pm ~ 8:30 pm (closed on Mondays)

#2 Karamenya Matsumoto (辛麺屋 桝元 宮崎中央店)

“Karamen” is a spicy ramen native to Miyazaki. Restaurant chain Matsumoto is credited with creating it and they have shops all over Miyazaki serving it.

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