5 Tips To Make Your 2020 New Year’s Health Resolution A Success

5 Tips for Health Resolution 2020 Savvy Tokyo

Most New Year Resolutions related to health fall into two themes. One is to undo the effects of our holiday festivities of dinners with multiple courses, one too many cocktails and all that sofa time. The other is to arm ourselves with resources for wellness and accountability to help us create lasting change to our physical, emotional, and mental health.

So whether your aim is to reset or revamp, here are a few ways to jumpstart your health this year and make it the most successful one yet.

1. Get started with a cleanse

Tips for Healthiness 2020 juice cleanse

Overconsumption throughout the holidays can leave your body sluggish. While your body already has its own detoxification process, you can rejuvenate the process by doing a juice cleanse. To do a juice cleanse, you drink around 5-6 bottles of fresh-pressed vegetable and fruit-based juices over the course of a day, and you can opt to do your cleanse for a 1-7 day time period.

Drinking fresh pressed vegetable juices is a great way to infuse your body with plenty of nutrition, boost your immune system, aid in weight loss, clear your skin, and leave you feeling energetic. Most cleanse plans recommend drinking only juices for a fixed period. That said if you’re thinking to avoid solid foods for more than 24 hours you should talk to your doctor to make sure that your plan is safe for you.

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