Atariya Shokudo: Kyushu-Inspired Ramen in Akihabara

Ramen in Akihabara - RaiRaimen

For ramen in Akihabara, Atariya Shokudo (あたりや食堂) is among my favorites. The owner’s Kyushu roots are clearly visible – from a starchy and sweet ramen to a savory chicken ramen.

RaiRaimen – Bursting with Flavors, Textures

The “RaiRaimen” is Atariya Shokudo’s pride and joy. At the very top of this ramen dish is a thick and starchy layer of ankake. In fact, it’s almost a workout to pull the Champon noodles out.

RaiRaimen: ¥700

The starchy layer is packed with vegetables like nira and onions, seasoned minced pork, and satsuma-age (a fried fish cake from Kagaoshima, Kyushu).

Ramen in Akihabara - Noodles

The flavor is sweet and zesty all at once, thanks to a chicken stock base, a sweeter Miyazaki (also Kyushu) soy sauce, and generous amounts of tougarashi spice. This is fantastic and unique ramen.

Miyazaki-Inspired Chicken Ramen

Their no. 2 on the menu is a Miyazaki- inspired chicken ramen. It’s relatively light but has just enough creaminess and wonderful chicken flavor brought out by shio seasoning. It’s also assisted with just the right amount of garlic.

Ramen in Akihabara - Chicken Ramen
Chicken Ramen: ¥650

Overall, the ramen looks and feels like what you’d get in Miyazaki. This includes tiny bean sprouts and pork chashu being sliced paper thin. The chashu are also marinated in soy sauce and have a salty twang to …continue reading