Date no Gyutan Honpo: Ikebukuro


Located on the second floor of a Miyagi prefectural antenna shop, this casual cafe-restaurant serves a wide variety of beef tongue dishes, a local specialty. Teishoku-style meals with oxtail soup, grilled tongue, side dishes and rice are priced at well under Y1000 at lunchtime, which conveniently runs until 5pm. Excellent spicy pickled vegetables and leaf-wrapped sweet miso come with the teishoku, and these may well be highlights of a visit to Ikebukuro.

After 5pm the menu expands to a wider variety of dishes – tongue curry, tongue tsukune meatballs, tongue sausage, tongue stew and of course grilled tongue. If you just want a quick meal there are several teishoku options, or alternatively you can enjoy small izakaya-style dishes as you explore the Miyagi sake list.

Budget around Y1000-3000 in the evening, and around Y850 at lunch. Take-away bentos are Y1380. …continue reading