Smooth Miso Ramen in Akasaka: Ittenbari

Miso Ramen in Akasaka - Ittenbari

For miso ramen in Akasaka, Akasaka Ittenbari (赤坂一点張) is really the only choice. With massive portions, choose a base of miso or a blend of miso and soy sauce.

Akasaka Mori (All Toppings): ¥1,000

Miso Ramen Options

You don’t have to order from a vending machine at Ittenbari. They have a handy menu with photos and English. You have a choice of miso, spicy miso, awase (miso and soy sauce), or shio.

Miso is the way to go. The cordial blend of Kyoto and Hokkaido miso stands out best when it’s just miso. “Awase” (soy sauce and miso) is interesting but a little too busy and salty for my taste.


The soup is pork bones, chicken bones, and some fish. It’s light, goes down smooth, and isn’t too thick. All toppings comes with thicker and tougher old-school chashu pork slices.

The portions are massive, so do come hungry. Akasaka Ittenbari is also known for fried rice (chahan) and cripsy gyoza (fried dumplings).

Since the ’70s

This ramen shop boasts a fairly long history. They got their start in the 1970s. It does feel a bit retro inside.