Shinka: Best Shio Ramen in Tokyo?

Shio Ramen in Tokyo Shinka - Shio

The best shio ramen in Tokyo? Many believe this title goes to Shinka (進化). Their shio ramen is a blend of five types of salt and a rich soup made from free-range chicken.

High-Grade Shio Ramen

In their signature shio ramen, it’s not a punchy salt seasoning. It’s much more delicate, with the five salts letting the chicken flavor victoriously emerge.

The chicken-based soup has a sticky fattiness to it. But the delicate seasoning is still the director of this salt symphony. It controls how everything in the bowl interacts.

They make their noodles

This interaction also includes Raus kelp, Nagasaki flying fish, some niboshi, bonito, souda, and mackerel fish flakes. There’s a lot of fish but they all provide a subtle accent, taking a backseat to the chicken.

Niboshi Ramen

Shinka does a few other bowls, including a niboshi one. The niboshi ramen is more intensely flavored, as they crank up the niboshi in a heavier pork bone (genkotsu) broth. This bowl uses whole grain noodles and there’s a touch of horseradish on the side.

Shio Ramen in Tokyo Shinka - Niboshi

Just like in the shio ramen, all toppings include egg, pork chashu, and chicken chashu. I’m a bigger fan of their chicken chashu. The slices are soft, succulent and have a wonderful golden flavor.

Worth the Trek to Machida?

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