Nomiya Yokocho: Tokyo’s Cheapest Drinking Alley?

Source: Tokyo Cheapo

Alleyways, or yokocho, in Japan are a central component of urban nightlife. There’s nothing quite like squeezing into dimly lit wooden bars alongside local nightly revelers and hunching under low door frames into pint-sized establishments that offer peculiar juxtapositions of seediness and conviviality. For us, there’s no better—or cheaper—spot in Tokyo to do that than Kitasenju’s Nomiya Yokocho.
Japanese nightlife off the beat: Nomiya Yokocho
Yokocho culture has not been lost on the increasingly large numbers of tourists traveling to Tokyo year over year; 2020 is set to see unprecedented levels of visitors making their way to the capital. This huge influx has caused Golden Gai, Omoide Yokocho, Nonbei Yokocho, and the l

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