The 18th Chiba Prefecture Production Sake Fair ~ Chiba Spring Sake ~

The date and time: Saturday, March 21, 2020, Sunday, March 22 from 11:00 to 17:00
Location: 2nd floor of Matsudo Tourist Information Center (7-3 Honcho, Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture)
※free entrance

◆ The 18th theme is “Spring Sake in Chiba”.
In recent years, there have been many spring-only products named “Shunshu”, “Spring Junmai” and “Haruwashu”.
“Must use pink bottles and labels reminiscent of cherry blossoms.” “Some products use special koji molds and yeast to give a pink appearance.” That is the feature.
The breweries from all over the prefecture will bring tastings and spot sales to selected gems and limited liquors, such as wines made with fruits, in addition to Japanese sake from Chiba Prefecture, directly to the tourist information center. Please taste Chiba’s famous sake and find your favorite.
It is an opportunity to feel free to taste Chiba’s famous sake. We look forward to welcoming everyone

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