Top 5 Unique Tsukemen in Tokyo

Tsukemen in Tokyo - Mensho

These are my top 5 picks for unique tsukemen in Tokyo. They’re all creatively delicious – from rich lamb tsukemen to tomato and pesto tsukemen.

#1 Lamb Tsukemen at Mensho Tokyo

Mensho Tokyo (自家製麺 Mensho Tokyo) elevates the use of lamb like no one else could. Their lamb tsukemen broth is part lamb, part pork bones. Furthermore, it’s assisted by spices exotic to ramen, like cumin.

The wonderfully potent broth works so well next to thick and firm noodles. These in-house noodles are special, made with a bit of tapioca flour and durum wheat.

Don’t forget to order with all toppings – the lamb meat is divine.

Shop Hours: 11 am ~ 3 pm // 5 pm ~ 11 pm, Every day

#2 Italian Tsukemen at ajitoism

Alongside their orthodox shoyu tsukemen, ajitoism (アジトイズム) serves an unusual tsukemen. It’s tomato-based. But this makes sense – the owner’s background is in Italian cuisine. He simply decided to bring two worlds together. I’m glad he did.

Tsukemen in Tokyo - ajitoism

The “rosso” broth is just as acidic as it is salty. It’s also packed with garlic. But it’s awesome. To drive home the Italian point, the noodles are topped off with fresh basil, tomatoes, and grated cheese.

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