Arknights Grani and the Knights’ Treasure Event PV and Fan-made Video Contest

Source: Supaku Blog

Recently, Arknights Global and Japan servers have launched their PV for the upcoming Grani and the Knights’ Treasure side story event. Here’s the videos.

Also, Arknights Global has recently announced the Fan-made Video Contest. Prizes include an autographed card, Amiya bunnie plushie, Amiya acrylic stand, Amiiya mouse pad and much more depending on the winners’ rankings.

【Arknights Fan-made Video Contest】

Dear Doctor, you can now submit your works!

*Deadline will be 2020/02/25 (UTC-7)

For how to submit, awards list and details, click: #Yostar

— Arknights_EN (@ArknightsEN) February 4, 2020

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