Katayamazu Onsen: Water, Water Everywhere

Source: Japan Cheapo

Perched on the corner of Lake Shibayama, Katayamazu Onsen in Ishikawa Prefecture is a modern town with traditional charm and some of the snazziest hot springs around.
Forming one of the four Kaga Onsen towns along with Awazu, Yamashiro and Yamanaka, Katayamazu Onsen is known for its hot springs and is a major stop on the CAN sightseeing bus route—and with good reason. While it isn’t as traditional as the other towns, it has some great spots and offers a more contemporary side to the hot spring culture of Japan.
An unusual blend of old and new, Katayamazu has a definite water theme, be it hot and steamy, frozen or just placid with the potential for boat cruises. The most immediately visible is Lake Shibayama, said to change co

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