Death Note 2020 – A One-Shot Deliverance of Meaningful Attention

Death Note one-shot color page.

What a return. What. a. return.

One of manga’s mid-2000s’ hits made a big impression on February 3 with a near-90 page one-shot that reminded fans why it had the impact it did. Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi’s Obata new Death Note one-shot special brings the story to today’s times with a new Kira. I was left thinking about what this new chapter in the story had to say about changing the world when a lot more fear and anxiety has proliferated in the information age.

How do I sum this one-shot as short as possible? We get introduced to a young man named Minoru Tanaka who the Shinigami Ryuk chooses as a new Death Note user. The two meet in 2017 when Minoru becomes depressed over his failing test scores in high school. Ryuk decides on Minoru due to his high IQ, but Minoru decides to delay possession of the Death Note until 2019 after inquiring about Ryuk’s Shinigami nature. When they finally reunite, Minoru decides to sell the Death Note auction-style on a live Japanese news broadcast and make his auction go viral on Twitter. His plan works as Twitter users rabidly make their offers online.

Things get even crazier when foreign governments get in on the action and Minoru, dubbed A-Kira by the new L (formerly Near), decides to let them make the offer. The U.S. wins the auction and the President (who clearly doesn’t look like a famous real person we all know) decides to use the Death Note for world peace. Minoru decides to use the money earned from the auction by entering it to various Japanese bank accounts for people ages 60 and under.

It later turns out the Shinigami King was furious about the Death Note not being used for its intended purpose. …continue reading