Shuri Castle Is Still Open – Here’s What to See

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Naha residents and tourists alike watched in horror and sadness as the city’s most beloved landmark, Shuri Castle, suffered a terrible fire in 2019.
The most impressive part of the castle, the Seiden area, as well as the Hakuden and Nanden Halls, were completely burnt to the ground.
The Seiden at Shuri Castle
However, many parts of the castle did, thankfully survive, and as quickly as eight weeks after the fire, Shuri Castle Park reopened certain areas to the public and began welcoming tourists again. Reconstruction work for the Seiden area will take years, but in the meantime, visitors can still visit Shuri Castle, and see many of its beautiful attractions.
Shureimon Gate
Shureimon Gate
One of the most popular icons of Shuri Cast

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