8 Indoor Japanese Games To Try Out During The Coronavirus School Shutdown

8 Indoor Japanese Games For The Coronavirus School Shutdown

Do you need new indoor games for your kids? Whether it’s a global coronavirus crisis, a snowstorm, a typhoon, or a heatwave, sometimes you desperately need those. Before boredom sets in for the family, try learning one of these great indoor Japanese games to keep them entertained during the coronavirus school shutdown!

1. Kakurenbo (かくれんぼ, Hide And Seek)

Hide And Seek is a classic children’s game that doesn’t need to be played outdoors for maximum fun (needless to say, especially during a coronavirus outbreak). The Japanese version, Kakurenbo, requires a sing-song back and forth between the person who is seeking, and those who are hiding.

How to play

The designated seeker, the おに (oni, demon), covers their eyes and counts to ten while everyone else hides. After reaching ten, they ask “もういいかい?/ mou ii kai?” or, “Are you ready?” to the other players. If the others are ready, they can say “もういいいよ!/ mou ii yo!” or “I’m ready!” They can also say ”まだだよ!/mada da yo!” if they need more time to find a good hiding place.

Once everyone says “もういいいよ!” the seeker can begin looking for the others. When the seeker finds someone, they can shout, “みつけた!/mitsuketa!” or, “I found you!” The first person found has to be the next demon!

2. Darumasan Ga Koronda (だるまさんがころんだ, Red Light, Green Light)

This game that refers to the daruma doll, a round, red, figurine with a depiction of a bearded man on the front. Darumasan Ga Koronda means, “The Daruma fell over”. If you wish to play this game indoor with your kids, you will need a somewhat long hallway in your home to have adequate space to play this game.

Real-life Darumas can become beautiful home decorations.

How to play

One person who is “it”—the …continue reading