Gentlemen, Are Your Ready For White Day?

Valentine Day White Day

Last year I surveyed my male friends in Japan, both Japanese and not, and learned a lot about what they’ve gone through on February 14th. Some of the stories were heartwarming, others nearly fatal… And so, while we are anxiously waiting for our White Day treasures, I reached out to an even wider audience this year and collected more stories to share.


“My then-girlfriend and I decided to give each other gifts for Valentine‘s. I already knew I’d be out of the country for White Day, so it made more sense to celebrate together. We did our shopping, I made reservations for dinner at a nice hotel (booked a suite too). Dinner was great, the wine and champagne were free-flowing. We got back to our room to exchange chocolates and both burst out laughing. We’d bought each other, from two different stores, the exact same chocolates. Identical boxes, wrapped identically. Great minds think alike.” (Matt, 34, American)

It’s Raw!

“A girl in my office had a crush on me. She was really obvious about it, and I was flattered. She knew I liked more Western-style desserts instead of chocolates. I heard from coworkers that she was baking something special for me, and felt excited to see what it might be. When Valentine’s arrived I got some giri choco from other coworkers, but nothing from her. Maybe she wanted to wait and give it to me in private. The workday ended and I hadn’t gotten anything. A different female coworker came to talk to me and I learned that the other woman had baked me brownies, but she was a novice chef and they weren’t cooked properly. They leaked something through the wrapping and all over her purse onto her …continue reading