Top 5 Favorite Meme/Parody Videos for Arknights EN Fanmade Video Contest

Source: Supaku Blog

Today, Yostar has uploaded the Fanmade Video Contest participants’ videos on the official Arknights EN YouTube channel. Also, they mentioned a disclaimer for each video description.

*The video may contain source materials from the game Arknights and Web. The video only represents the author’s perceptions.

As a side note, a lot of those videos were actually uploaded before the official channel uploaded them.

Out of the participants’ uploaded videos, here’s my top 5 favorites in specific order.

1. Arknights Gacha Experience

2. Silence-Sensei Will Praise You Endlessly

3. AKFA Arknights Fan Animation

4. Super Dayo Kroos

5. If Arknights Have Live2D

For more of the contest participants’ videos, feel free to check out the Arknights EN’s 1st Fan-made Video Contest (Meme/Parody) Playlist.

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