Happy (Or Not) White Day!

White Day Uh Oh Japan

White Day, celebrated on March 14th, is the purely commercial sister holiday to Valentine’s Day, and spawned similar celebrations in South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, and China. Not only that, but April 14th has become Black Day (for singles) in South Korea because of it.

On White Day men that were given chocolates, especially honmei choco (本命チョコ) or genuine chocolates, on Valentine’s Day give back gifts to those special ladies or gentlemen in their lives. Basically, if you gave anyone any chocolates on Valentine’s Day, you can probably expect something back on White Day.

That being said, sometimes what you get in return is not exactly what you might have built it up to be in your mind. Two years ago, I talked to foreign and Japanese women about their White Day celebrations and heard some pretty hilarious and horrifying storiesand this year I reached out to even more women!

As a side note, when I was collecting these, I heard from fifteen different women that the men they’d given honmei choco to for Valentine’s Day ended up ghosting them online, or ignoring them in person on White Day. I’m not saying you have to go and buy them a gift if you’re not feeling the connection—but ghosting/ignoring someone is not cool. That goes for men and women alike.

Okay, rant over. On to the stories!


“Ex-Bf decided he wanted to go all out for White Day. He had this thing about Tokyo Disney like it was THE most romantic place in the entire world, and he was obsessed with visiting during all their special events. I like Disney well enough, but I’m not big into the whole princess thing. He booked a suite at one of their hotels, flower petals on …continue reading