Whiskey Festival 2020 in OSAKA

Make Japan healthy with whiskey! One big event in Osaka powers up! This is the 9th whiskey festival 2020 in Osaka this year!
Whiskey fans in the Kansai region will have a familiar whiskey event this year as an early summer event. Last year, the venue space was expanded 1.5 times to last year to attract more than 3,200 visitors and to increase the number of whiskey fans this year.
At the venue, not only whiskey but also spirits from all over the world such as gin, tequila, rum etc. can be tasted at each exhibition booth. Please look for your favorite one at the time of your visit! It is packed with attractive contents that can only be experienced at this event, such as the sale of original bottles commemorating the bottling held for this day and special seminars with tastings by luxurious instructors.
We are looking forward to your visit at “Whiskey Festival 2020 in Osaka” where you can fully feel the history of whiskey making, the romance and the feelings of craftsmen. Let’s get excited this year!

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