Toshihiro Tominaga exhibition – My world, your world

This exhibition, the sixth in a series that introduces artists related to Kiyosu, features Toshihiro Tominaga (1978-), a resident of Kiyosu City.
The landscape with rhythmic shapes and warm colors is like a fantasy, but the artist has consistently expressed the reality around us. His expression, called “The Tominaga Filter”, such as mountains of shaved ice, cars look toy and buildings that grow from the ground, makes us broaden view of things and adds humor to our world.
It is apparent to Tominaga’s point of view give a little playful spice to daily life in various workshops and projects. By collaborative works performed according to the characteristics of place, those participants becoms active subjects and transform their daily lives into a fresh world.
In this exhibition, we introduce a variety of activities including paintings, solids, installations, workshops and projects.

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