Isurugihikiyama-matsuri 2020

Holding every April 29 (congratulation)

Ishikari Hikiyama Festival will be held in the city of Ishidoba (around Ishiki Station).

It is a spring festival of Ishikari Ai Shrine continued from the middle of the Edo period.

Flower petals of gorgeous eleven groups (Gobo-cho, Minami Ueno-cho, Kitakamino-cho, Kami-Nitta-cho, Nakaninado-cho, Shimoun Okacho, Yanagi-cho, Hakocho, Konoya cho, Shimoda-cho, Imaicho) kneading around the streets I will.

While the other flower mountain cars in the western part of Toyama prefecture are provided with a theatrical body behind a pillar, it is a big feature that the hikiyama of Ishikari is provided in front of a pillar.

In the evening, we will not be engravings that can be seen elsewhere, not filling in the lanterns that will fill all sides with countless lanterns, and the lanterns that are attached will light up from the daytime.

The oldest hikiyama is Shiroba Town, Gobo town built in 1752.

It was interrupted for a while due to the awakening of the mountain hikiyama disturbance that bounced from Mt. Takaoka Mountain (forbidden to haul out the hikiyama of the outer ring) but now it is registered as a tangible folk cultural asset of Oyabe City and GW’s Toyama It is a tourist attraction.

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