Nihilism & The Heart: Ulquiorra Cifer (BLEACH)


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I wanted to post this as this is one of my most-read articles ever from a time when BLEACH fandom was pretty high. I still like Ulquiorra and Daisuke Namikawa was perfect for his anime voice. Plus I was reading an article about nihilism and how there’s two types of nihilism – one active and one passive. I don’t blame anyone who feels nihilistic and I’ve realized that other people are often the reason why nihilism happens.

Plus next year, BLEACH fandom will finally get its anime swan song. I sometimes still think about BLEACH and how much it meant to me due to my love of urban fantasy. I will be checking out Burn the Witch once the serialization starts too.

What’s funny is that nostalgia can be a part of nihilism (i.e. thinking today is meaningless, compared to the glory days of the past). I think the silver lining is that knowledge of the past can help inspire people to do better. You have to bank on that possibility.

The amount of traffic I got for this post did help push the blog, so there you go. Anywho, enjoy this look back at one of my favorite character analyses ever!

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