#StayAtHome: Six Easy Steps To Uplift Yourself

#StayAtHome Start Fresh

When we left 2019 behind us to welcome 2020, social media was all about this terrible year we had and how we would all start fresh. Nobody was expecting the current COVID-19 outbreak that is reshaping the world and the way we see it. As stressful the time we are living in can be, we can still size this opportunity to reflect on ourselves and take this time to become better, and create a better world.

Take this #StayAtHome opportunity to revamp your life with easy steps, all doable from home and perfect to spark joy around you. And stay safe!

1. Declutter Your Space

When there is too much going on in your life, starting by cleaning up your living space is a great way to declutter your mind. You could be surprised how much effect an actual cleanup can have on your general stress level.

Get rid of piles of everything and nothing shattered through your homes, of people giving you negative vibes and you will immediately see a positive change in your mindset. Start the new year by discarding those old clothes, jewelry, and objects you keep just because you think they might come in handy one day. Recycle or give them away. Japan has plenty of secondhand stores, such as Mode Off, Treasure Factory, Best Life Japan, as well as giveaway sites, such as Mottainai Japan and GaijinPot’s classifieds.

Clean up your social media, too. How many of those Facebook friends would you spend your Friday night with? Those who didn’t pop up in your mind even after browsing through the list, perhaps shouldn’t be there in the first place.

Stuck at home? Take the opportunity to clean your home from A to Z. Schedule your cleaning, pick one room a day and start …continue reading