Arita Toki Ichi (Arita Porcelain Market) 2020

Way of Mr. pilgrims from whom Arita comes to Kurokamiyama in Kobodaishi Hirakiyama the past.
A potter and merchant’s people put odds and ends and unplaced items in a basket and a box and sold it for Mr. pilgrim.
It’s small, but it’s the landscape which also leads to the pottery city now.
In 1896, a chinaware show was opened by Teiichi Tashiro’s sponsorship with Eizaemon Fukagawa. After that the clearance sale big sales which started to be held simultaneously with this show is starting in the pottery city.
A store equals over a town of one yen in whole session on April 29-May 5, and Sato of a quiet jealous thing also always prospers greatly at this time.
A crowd, centering on Kyushu, from the whole country, about 1,000,000 people. Inexpensiveness of the china product, abundance and the peculiar energy invite many people to Arita every year.

※Video is a thing of the past.

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