Take-out Diary – Joto Curry: Yokohama Sta.

Source: bento.com

We weren’t surprised to learn that Joto was a top-prize winner in the fiercely contested Kanda Curry Grand Prix. While their Japanese curry is fairly orthodox in style, it incorporates fresh, high-quality component ingredients, assembled in flavorful combinations and carefully prepared.

Tonkatsu-spinach is one of the most popular curries, and the generous helping of spinach does a good job balancing out the saltiness of the roux, while the pickled cabbage, rakkyo and fukujinzuke provide a tart counterpoint. The overall combination brings out the meaty flavor of the pork cutlet, whose crunchy coating adds textural appeal.

Other popular choices include tonkatsu-cheese, eggplant-cheese, beef sukiyaki and fried shrimp. The counter-style shop is pleasantly decorated and relatively comfortable, and take-out service is available. Curries start at Y860. …continue reading