Complete your Post Graduate Studies in Japan at Kyoto’s Doshisha University

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Many of us daydream about stepping back from the relentless bustle of our nine-to-five jobs and going back to school. If you’ve ever considered getting an MBA in Japan, Doshisha University’s Business School is the place to do it.

Not only is the university located in the heart of Japan’s cultural capital of Kyoto, but all the classes offered on are also in English!

Imagine studying in gorgeous Kyoto

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Going to Grad School is so much more than getting a fancy piece of paper and a boost to your resume. The interpersonal skills that increase with an MBA are unquantifiable—and studying somewhere like Kyoto increases this invaluable skill set even more than studying in your home country.

Before Tokyo became Japan’s capital in 1868, Kyoto was the country’s heart and soul for over a thousand years. It’s home to numerous World Heritage Sites, including stunning shrines, breathtaking temples, and a spectacular castle. It’s so picturesque, you’ll be pinching yourself the entire time.

Immersing yourself in this historic city, meeting people from various cultures, and layering in the study of global business will make for a well-rounded intercultural experience. The skills in cross-cultural communication you’ll gain are increasingly important in a world that’s becoming ever more global. It also looks good to future employers!

Benefits of Doshisha’s Global Business and Management Course

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Study space is available for students 24 hours a day.

Doshisha’s Global MBA (Global Business and Management Studies) is a great course to undertake if you’re looking to increase your work opportunities, grow your knowledge of international business, and gain new perspectives. The Global MBA focuses on sustainability and green business, culture, …continue reading