Sad News for VAOJ and Many Others: Tenbun Closing – Leading to a Week of Intensive Photography and Salvage Ethnography

The tachinomiya Tenbun has closed. Tenbun has been an important research subject and site for me for the last several years. And my personal history with the shop goes back over 22 years. I can’t thank Tencho, shop employees and regular customers enough for their service, friendship and teaching me so much about Japanese culture.

For more background:

“Tencho I.”

Notification of closing (rough translation from the Japanese):

Thank you for visiting us regularly. We feel sorry to announce this but we are closing the shop on March 28th, 2020. For 40 years we have really appreciated your support. We hope you understand it was a really difficult decision for us. Until then, our shop will be open as usual. It will be a short time until then but we hope you can visit us.

“Tencho II.”

Messages of thanks and gratitude from customers.

One of the first shots I took a couple of years ago for the photo exhibition. It seems appropriate here…

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