Tweet of the Week #77: Peanuts Only Kaki No Tane Triggers Twitter Riot

Source: Gaijin Pot

Don’t mess with rice crackers in Japan.

They’re the perfect おやつ (oyatsu, snack) to go with your beer. 柿(かき)のたね) (Kaki no Tane) are small crescent-shaped soy-flavored rice crackers mixed with peanuts. So when you take the せんべい out of the bag, that leaves only peanuts.

And Japanese Twitter peeps do not like that.

What is kaki no tane?

Kaki no tane is a popular senbei (soy-flavored rice cracker) snack from Niigata Prefecture. Its crescent shape was actually an accident, but people loved them so much that the shape stuck. Its name—like its shape—also sounds like the Japanese word for persimmon (かき) seeds (たね).

If you live in Japan and you haven’t had these, you’ve been living a lie this whole time.

Like with most Japanese snacks, kaki no tane comes in many unique regional flavors, from wasabi to ume-shiso (pickled plum and shiso), takoyaki, yuzu, and yes, even chocolate.

When you mix these slightly spicy rice crackers with salty peanuts, boom! You get “kaki-pi” (‘pi’ from ピーナツ, peanuts). It’s the perfect appetizer to crunch on while drinking away your sorrows.

It’s also worth noting that the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has officially approved this beloved snack as a “Space Japanese Food” in 2017. That’s how important rice-crackers are to Japanese people.

The best kaki no tane to peanuts ratio…?

Japanese people mean business when it comes to their beloved kaki no tane. It was always believed that a 6:4 ration for senbei and peanuts was best, but kaki-pi manufacturer, Kameda, made a shocking discovery after a recent national survey on Twitter.


亀田製菓の柿の種、柿の種とピーナッツの黄金比ついに崩れる 今後は「柿の種6:ピーナッツ4」→「7:3」に @itm_nlabから

— ねとらぼ (@itm_nlab) March 5, 2020


亀田製菓(かめだせいか)の柿の種、柿の種とピーナッツの黄金比(おうごんひ)ついに崩(くず)れる 今後(こんご)は「柿の種6:ピーナッツ4」→「7:3」に @itm_nlabから


“Winter has come for peanuts.

Kaki no tane manufacturer Kameda’s golden ratio of 6:4 collapses, 6:4 will …continue reading