GaijinPot Staff Coronavirus Quarantine Playlist

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GaijinPot Coronavirus Quarantine Playlist

With the power to transport you across space and time, music is the perfect escape from Japan’s COVID-19 state of emergency. As working from home and social distancing become the new normal, a good playlist is a necessity to make it through the day (with some shred of sanity intact).

Here’s what some of our staff have been jamming lately. These playlists are a bit eclectic, but it takes all kinds to make the world go ’round, as they say. You may find something new and awesome, or your ears may just bleed. Either way, enjoy it.

Randiah Green’s rockin’ jams

Position: Editor

Genres: Heavy Metal, Hip-Hop, Rap

Who Will Enjoy it: Anyone with decent music taste, duh

Stand up and shout to these heartfelt and inspiring tracks because sometimes life is so absurd you just have to sing to avoid crying.

Man on Silver Mountain, Rainbow
This empowering classic will put you on top of the world, right where you belong. If you can’t enjoy the powerful vocals of the king himself, Ronnie James Dio, there’s something wrong with your ears.

Juice, Lizzo
Another feel-good jam. Mirror, mirror, on the wall don’t say it cause I know I’m cute.

I’m Alive, Cirith Ungol
As it goes, “I’ve pulled the mighty from their thrones and laughed at death’s own door, cause I’m alive.” Be thankful you are too.

Raw Deal, Judas Priest
A harrowing journey of self-discovery as lead singer Rob Halford takes us through the motions of doubt and acceptance. Not only does this song have some of the most emotional riffs of JP’s catalog, it unsuspectingly climaxes into an LGBT rights anthem.

Savage, Megan Thee Stallion
The ultimate song to hype yourself up to. Hey, if you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will.

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