8 Side Jobs for Foreigners to Make Extra Money in Japan

Source: Gaijin Pot
9 Side Jobs for Foreigners in Japan

The coronavirus is taking a toll on businesses around the world—Japan included. Many foreigners in the country are suddenly faced with reduced work and income for the unforeseeable future. For those looking for side gigs to get by, this list offers good suggestions.

Since we shouldn’t really be going outside given the current state of emergency, remote work is a good option. Thankfully, you can search for jobs that allow you to work from home on GaijinPot Jobs in our new “Remote Work Ok” section.

In 2015, 5.3 million Japanese worked two jobs. In 2018, this number swelled to 7.4 million […]

Shinzo Abe’s Work Style Reform policy has also provided a small but viable safety net during these scary times. Originally implemented to curb dangerously long work hours and remove unequal pay gaps, the policy promoted labor flexibility by encouraging workers to take secondary jobs.

In 2015, 5.3 million Japanese worked two jobs. In 2018, this number swelled to 7.4 million, or about 11% of the total workforce, according to Lancers Inc, one of Japan’s largest online freelancer job platforms.

While Japanese companies have traditionally demanded 100% loyalty and monogamous commitment from their employees, more and more are changing their outlook to help current staff broaden their skillset, as well as attract new workers amid a labor shortage.

Here are some of the most common, accessible, and flexible side jobs for foreigners in Japan.

1. English Instructor

This may be one of the most popular side-jobs taken by foreigners living in Japan. English instructor or tutor positions are often flexible and may allow you to work from home, after regular work/school hours, or on weekends. Instructor job requirements may range from English play-time with nursery-school age children, to teaching primary or …continue reading