How Japanese are living with COVID-19

How worried are you about COVID-19? graph of japanese statistics

This survey is ancient in terms of the progression of COVID-19, but there’s still interesting figures in this survey from @nifty conducted at the end of March into COVID-19. This survey was conducted before the Olympics were postponed and the state of emergency declared.

So far I’d put myself in the not really worried category; it is of course a serious disease and lockdowns are a justified response, but at the moment in Japan things seem reasonably under control and the collapse of the medical system seems to have been largely avoided, although in-hospital infections are a bit too widespread for my liking.

About the only thing I’ve avoided is going to the ENT clinic for my hayfever this season as I didn’t fancy sitting in a packed waiting room breathing potentially virus-laden air, so luckily first I had a bottle of nose spray left over from last year, and second an OTC version of the identical medicine was approved this year, so I could just visit my much quieter local chemist to replenish my supply.

Research results

Q1: How worried are you about COVID-19?

Totally worried 25.5%
A little worried 50.3%
Can’t say either way 9.7%
Not really worried 12.6%
Not at all worried 1.8%

Q2: What are your worries about COVID-19? (Multiple answer)

Cannot say when the pandemic will be over 69.1%
My family or I might catch it 62.4%
Economy will suffer 53.4%
There’s no medicine or vaccine for it 51.8%
If I caught it I might cause trouble to those around me 48.3%
The disease is still spreading worldwide 42.7%
I might catch it and become a serious case 36.5%
I might end up spreading fake news about the virus 34.5%
The virus cannot be seen 24.6%
Even if I suspect I have the virus I might not be able to get a PCR test 19.6%
My salary, savings might shrink 15.7%
Tokyo Olympics may be postponed or cancelled 8.0%
No particular worries 2.8%

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