Focus on the Next Right Thing

Ichigo from Bleach meditating

I hope everyone is doing okay and finding time to enjoy as much anime/manga/video games as you can. A bunch of anime/manga-related projects are going to be affected for a while. I mean, we already have online anime conventions happening.

With that said, since there are folks who are trying their best with organizing virtual conventions for the sake of anime fandom right now, I think it’s important to state that while it’s normal to worry about the future, making absolute predictions on when things will get better isn’t going to help you or anyone.

It just makes whatever anxiety you’re going through a lot worst. All that thinking does is cause you more grief and I assume a lot of you are already grieving.

I listened to a podcast episode about a woman who had the ability to detect someone with signs of Parkinson’s disease in people with her sense of smell. It was really something because she was able to predict the future in a way that was certain. This is something we can all relate to as we all crave for hope to get us going right now. The problem with her ability is that it involved a life-threatening condition and she couldn’t explicitly tell anyone with it that they had it. Yet this woman never felt too depressed about her unique talent to predict the future of someone’s health.

I know many of us feel like everything is going to end. And when we feel that way, we end up passing off on activities and goals that were once important/ambitious to us. What’s the point if we might die under circumstances we can’t control? I sometimes feel that’s the problem right there. It’s normal to feel sad about all this and …continue reading