Japanese rate their government’s response to the coronavirus

How do you rate the Abe government response to COVID-19? graph of japanese statistics

This survey was conducted by the Mainichi Newspaper and the Social Survey Research Center into COVID-19 response. I’ve linked to the English version, but hopefully my tables are easier to read.

Research results

Q1: Do you think the state of emergency will be lifted at the end of May?

All In special emergency areas Other
Yes 35% 46% 19%
No 46% 53% 31%
Don’t know 17% 17% 16%

Q2: How did you spend this Golden Week?

Stayed at home 15%
Just went to work, shopping; the bare minimal 82%
Went on holiday, sightseeing, leisure facilities 1%

Q3: Since the state of emergency declaration, about how much have you reduced your interactions with others?

80% or more 56%
More than half 26%
Less than half 9%
Hardly changed 9%

Q4: How do you feel about Japan’s treatment, testing regime regarding COVID-19?

Have worries 68%
Don’t worry 14%
Can’t say either way 17%

Q5: How do you rate the Abe government’s response to COVID-19?

Rate it well 22%
Rate it poorly 48%
Can’t say either way 29%

Q6: Do you support the Abe government?

Support 40%
Don’t support 45%
No answer 15%

Q7: The Abe government has extended the state of emergency to cover all the country until the end of May. How do you rate that?

Appropriate 66%
Should be limited to certain prefectures only 25%
Shouldn’t have been extended 3%
Don’t know 5%

Q8: Do you think the state of emergency will be lifted by the end of May in the prefecture that you live in?

Yes 35%
No 46%
Don’t know 17%


From 5 pm to 8 pm on the 6th of May mobile phones and fixed phones were randomly dialled; usable results were obtained from 575 mobile phone users and 575 fixed phones, them the results weighted according to census population distribution.

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