15 Things Only Tourists in Tokyo Have Experienced

If you have ever been to Tokyo you’re sure to have experienced some of the below things! Haven’t quite made it out there yet? Then check out my 5 day Tokyo itinerary here, and my 3 day Kyoto itinerary here. Happy reading!

Got Lost in Shinjuku Station and Had A Blazing Row with Your Partner

A trip to Shinjuku station should come with a warning because it’s pretty much impossible to find your way around that jungle. Not only is it the world’s busiest station, but there are also over 200 exits in total! Staying at a hotel in Shinjuku and arriving into that station with all your luggage in tow is just asking for trouble!

Forgotten to Take Your Shoes Off Somewhere Before Entering

We’ve all done it at least once, sometimes even places where you don’t expect to take your shoes off, like certain restaurants or the changing rooms in clothing stores require you to remove your shoes before entering. That’s why it’s always essential that when in Japan, wear your best socks!

Got Excited to Use a Toto Toilet

I bet you even took photos the first time you saw a washlet toilet, right? It all seems so exciting, the mysterious buttons, the fountain-like jets of water, the flushing sounds that play over the speakers, the heated seats. Every country should have these delightful facilities.

Spent Ages Wandering Around the Convenience Store

You can do almost everything in a Japanese convenience store, from buying concert tickets to instant meals. Nothing is more fun when you first arrive in Tokyo than browsing the shelves of …continue reading