5 Manga that Deserve an Anime Adaptation

Source: Gaijin Pot
5 Best Manga that Deserve an Anime Adaptation

The life cycle of most manga goes something like manga, anime, and finally live-action film. Usually, manga are first serialized in a weekly or monthly manga magazine. Then, if it garners enough readers and attention, the manga may get adapted into an anime series. However, there are rare cases where some of the best manga don’t receive the anime adaptations they deserve.

Sometimes it’s due to production problems or lack of interest from anime studios. Some of the manga on this list, for example, feature grotesque or risque scenes that anime studios might not be interested in producing. The following five titles represent some of the best manga that have yet to receive an anime adaptation.

1. I Am a Hero

Thanks. I hate it.

While the zombie manga library may be small, within that library is I am a Hero, one of the most grotesque and artistic manga I’ve ever read. Despite its title, I am a Hero follows Hideo, a downright pitiful main character who looks nothing like a hero at first. Hideo is an insecure failed manga writer in his mid-thirties who appears as though he has serious mental issues, often talking to himself at work and hallucinating.

One day, an unknown plague hits Japan, and people become infected with a strange disease that causes them to mutate into deformed and ravenous creatures. The only thing that sets Hideo apart from others is his membership in a gun owner’s association and access to a shotgun in a country where almost no one owns a gun.

I am a Hero won the 58th Shogakukan Manga Award and spawned three spin-off titles, as well as a live-action film. It’s the best zombie manga I’ve ever read, by far. It’s almost a crime that this title has not …continue reading