Choosing to Read Manga – The Fewer There Are, The Better They Become

A small collection of manga

With a lot of manga available out there in print and online, you can say that there’s something for everyone. Yet with the wide variety of manga comes the chance that any new manga reader can get overwhelmed with the choices they have at their disposal.

So what is it a fan can do to introduce a new reader into manga and possibly more? Perhaps a good way to start is to start from a low number for choices and then go up from there.

What do I mean? Let’s say there’s a manga reader who wants to read action series. You suggest Shonen Jump as that’s the go-to choice for action manga. But the thing is Shonen Jump has a lot of series and not all the titles may appeal to the new reader.

What you do instead is narrow it down to a few select choices. You can ask your new manga reader friend specifics about what kind of action series they like. Do they like superheroes? Do they like thrillers? Do they like drawn-out epics? When you do that, you present to them something like My Hero Academia, The Promised Neverland, One Piece, etc. and only those series for now.

Why is this important? For starters, when you start off with a wide variety of choices to choose from, it tires the mind of the one who’s choosing. Let’s say that I have 24 manga titles to choose from to start off as a manga reader. At first, it’s exciting because all those titles look to be interesting. However, the more I look into those series and find almost all to be worth reading, I start to stress. I begin to have a tough time choosing what to read in the end. The enthusiasm starts to …continue reading